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Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® Can Boost Your Results


If you’ve been living your life and working in a career that seems totally unrelated to the healing arts, but have more and more been feeling like you have something to do that makes the world better, is more meaningful, and uplifts those that can benefit from the gifts you carry - you may find yourself called - to learn a process that can help you help others in a deep way.


I’m Gina Vance, a Mind-Body Mentor and Inner-Journey Guide with a passion for teaching others how to find their unique path of service, walk it well, and help others do the same.


Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® has proven to be a gently direct path to connecting more clearly to your mission, purpose and soul’s vision.


SMGI® gives you simple, yet very effective tools to continue your journey into delivering the gifts of your soul; while helping others do the same.


I developed the Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery®, or SMGI®, protocols out of sheer necessity, when in 1996, I was blessed with, joy of joys, my beautiful baby daughter. 


Just when it seemed all my dreams had come true - a handsome, loving husband, a beautiful baby daughter -  I began to experience the most excruciating and debilitating pain.  Everything I tried either didn’t help, or made it worse. And though I desperately wanted to end my suffering - by ending my life - there was no way I could abandon my baby girl. 


You can learn to safely guide transformational healing experiences in yourself and others in my immersive, live, online training.  And you can be a healing helper like I couldn’t find in my ardent search.


Over a five-year-long, very "dark night of the soul", studying with shamans, integrative medical doctors, and many many healers, at last I pieced together the elements required to resolve the root cause of the PTSD that was manifesting as physical torment.


Over the last two decades, the clients in my mind body healing practice have helped me hone and refine the truly simple steps into healing. 


We’re each here for many reasons, to experience many things, and to serve the greater good in some important way.


If you’d like to explore how you can Launch Your Life Work in the new world that’s coming, click the link below to learn more about what could be possible for you - as a helper, helping helpers, easier, better, faster.


The next SMGI® training course starts in March. Learn more about how you can enroll now!

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The next SMGI® training course starts in March. Learn more about how you can enroll now!

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