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Learn Healing Techniques That Will Transform Your Life And Work



This Work is Transformative

The SMGI™ course is elegantly simple, yet profoundly powerful. You will experience the impact of the work as it works on you - and ultimately on your clients. Gina Vance will guide you step-by-step, showing you how to move through carefully-designed healing protocols with ease. These “journeys” will help you take your clients into deep places of insight, healing and transformation.


Richly Rewarding

The SMGI™ course is designed to help healers of all kinds experience the growth they so well deserve. While you’re learning her healing techniques, Gina will enhance your potential for success by putting you on her own marketing roadmap. Once you’re creating phenomenal results for your clients, they come back to see you. They’re delighted, happy. They send friends and family to you. And before you know it, your schedule is filled to overflowing. That’s how SMGI™ works! 


Easily Learned 

The training program itself combines live sessions with extensive video and written instruction. As Gina’s methods become clear, you’ll begin practicing with your classmates. The course work will move you along almost effortlessly, from basic to very advanced techniques drawn from meditation, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, breath work, writing, drawing, coaching and indigenous healing modalities. Gina has a deft  touch, holding the work lightly and making it easy to grasp. 


Deeply Insightful 

The deepest learning happens as you experience the techniques working on you. The course includes trades - or practice sessions - in which you guide each other in response to somatic cues. You’ll be taking and leading journeys through the imagination, finding the guidance that is there to be discovered in the deep psyche. And the work hardly feels like work. It’s easy, often fun, always enlivening. Healing arises from deep levels of connection, sharing and support in a safe community.

"This training has given me an amazing foundation to help shift my career into helping people subconsciously. I’ve been given and shown a tool that can better humanity. There’s a lot of somatic work available now, but this, this work is cutting-edge."

Mark Christian Bacigalupi
Somatic Imagery Guide, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Access Bars Facilitator, and Intuitive Healer

"Gina Vance is a brilliant teacher of her brilliant program of SMGI. Much like her theory of how simple journey work can be, so is the organization of the program. Each week flowed, combining a group meeting, a video lecture, along with a practicum and various suggested readings. A cohesive and comprehensive program for all types of learners and healers. I highly recommend finding out more about SMGI."

Elizabeth Darnell Traub
SMGI® practitioner, MA Somatic Psychology and Master Yoga Instructor

"This course is filled with a treasure trove of insight, information and clear guidelines. The methods and techniques are conveyed easily and concisely."

Jean-Pierre Weingarten
SMGI® Guide, Wellness Intuitive

"This work has released my creativity and imagination. I plunged into the SMGI work as a true beginner. Over the six months of training, I learned how to release and access my creativity – and playfulness – like never before. I also developed more trust in my own inner voice and sense of intuition. Truly a brave new world opened up for me through this work."

Leslie Lawton
Creative Director, Connected Communications Marketing

Heal Your Healing Practice

This course is like a "business in a box". Through your magical computer device you can join us to create a tremendous increase in the health and profitability of your healing business.


You can have a healthy healing practice.

ASK GINA Thrive with us!


This training is delivered online via Zoom. The live weekly sessions will be recorded for later viewing and reviewing.

Gentle. Simple. Powerful. Effective.

These mind-body methods will easily open up new possibilities for your healing work.


These mind-body skills work as well for professionals as for lay persons. Interns won't want to miss the opportunity to learn an intervention that can be used with any population. Experts will benefit from an evidence-based way to empower their work. Education savvy trauma survivors will get practical applications of popular protocols and theories.

This course is beneficial to adults working with others in a professional capacity, including: Educators, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Counselors, Mental Health and Pastoral Counselors, Addiction Counselors, Physicians and Physician Assistants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, and Complementary, Integrative and Alternative Health Practitioners, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists as well as Bodyworkers, Intuitives, Group Facilitators, Hypnotherapists, Coaches, Clinicians, Medicine Journeys Guides and Sitters, and Agents of Change here to transform the world for the better, and help others do the same.

Not any of those? You are welcome to take this course if you have a heart for service and want to learn self-healing methods that will also work for supporting others.

A Quick Overview of the Coursework

ONE: Deep personal work, step by step. TWO: Delivering your work to others, step by step. THREE: Building your business, delivery structure, and clientele or customer base, step by step.

This Course is for Ambitious Souls

Healing Yourself

I think you’ll be surprised how enjoyable – even joyful – it is to do this work on yourself; with yourself.  The coursework will offer you plenty of practice sessions that will take you through my simple, yet powerful, protocols. You’ll soon be practicing on yourself.  It will even be easy to find the time. You know those wide-awake wake-ups that can interrupt your sleep?  This is one great time to put the SMGI™ work to work, bringing in an ally or comforting presence to help you resolve a ticklish situation or even to lay some past trauma to rest. 

Healing Others

Once you have your SMGI™ certificate, you’ll be fully prepared to bring this work to your healing practice. You can weave it into almost any existing modality.  Of course the healing work you’re doing now is having positive effects. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it, right?  You’re a healer, after all. I’d like to see you take your work to another level entirely. Beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. The Grand Clamoring has arrived and people are seeking out this kind of work like never before. There’s plenty of work looking for you.

Exponential Healing

My desire is to train you up, so you can bring the work to your sphere of influence - your patients, clients, students and friends – people who will be feeling more free and alive as a result of your work. People who's families and friends remark on the change they've noticed and want some too. Your practice can be as full as you'd like. My ambitious soul knows that you will send me more students. And on and on it goes as this transformative work heals enough suffering to cause a shift in the global consciousness. Have I told you I have big goals?


The origins of SMGI™, what it is, how it works and the kinds of results it facilitates in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Direct experience with the protocols, outlines, guidelines and how-tos; along with business building support.

How to quickly and easily strengthen and stabilize the mind-body systems and work with "triggers" or activations of discomfort to follow the trouble to where it's coming from and what needs to happen to change or resolve it.

How to work with the conscious and subconscious minds to heal trauma gently, easily, quickly and permanently.

How You Will Work Together

This course will engage you in helpful interactions with a rich variety of helping professionals, during our live classes and in-between our weekly meetings. You’ll also work in breakout sessions with your classmates, to practice step by step in digestible increments.


Clarity and understanding grounded in experience of the power of the subconscious mind to effect change, or interfere with it.

Guiding outlines or "cheat sheets" to follow while facilitating - yourself and your clients/patients/students.

Lifetime online library access to continue being supported in using the tools and processes, that includes the protocols and brief, succinct  as well as in-depth explanations of how they work and when to use them.

Also includes downloadable pdfs, videos and guided audio exercises, to increase your familiarity with the processes, and increase your confidence in using SMGI™.

Each weekly module includes a live session, an overview video, how-to steps outlined, and steps to implement to create and build your successful professional practice as a Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery™ guide.

At completion you'll receive your SMGI™ / Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery™ guide certificate.


The Results You can Expect

You'll be able to move yourself and those you serve beyond current limits. You'll be educated in trauma-informed, evidence-based mind-body tools, rooted in ancient practices, that empower radical transformation in gentle ways.


After a career in engineering, excruciating pain put me on a path of research and training that introduced me to the mind-body methods that helped me to heal the post-traumatic stress at the root of my physical pain.

I've trained with Medical Doctors, with Shamans, and many healers; some grounded in scientific research, others wildly instinctual.   

I'm a graduate of the Academy for Guided Imagery and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Guidance Life Coach, and Mind-Body Skills Advanced Professional.

I created SMGI™, Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery™, out of all these protocols, practices, and modalities along with many of my own investigations and inventions. My work resolves root causes and resolves lifelong patterns through mind-body exploration, discovery and healing. 

I've been successfully self-employed for more than 30 years, and as the founder and director of a sumptuous holistic integrative wellness center, I brought my broad holistic and integrative therapeutic knowledge to my community, while supporting high-level wellness professionals in growing profitable businesses under my mentorship. 

Beyond Limits

Learn some of the simplest, most powerful and effective evidence-based, ancient wisdom mind-body tools to use in your personal and professional work.

Topics & Practices in this Course


MODULE ZERO: Preparing to Begin the Work; Business: Agreements & Questionnaires

MODULE ONE: Overarching Intention and Undergirding Exercises

MODULE TWO: Laying the Foundation in Your First Client Session; Business: New Website

MODULE THREE: Getting Resourced From Within; Business: Marketing

MODULE FOUR: Integrating Fragments & Retrieving Soul Parts; Business: Your WHY

MODULE FIVE: Seeding Your Subconscious & Manifesting; Business: Your WHO

MODULE SIX: Working with Inner Allies; Business: Your WHAT

MODULE SEVEN: Parts Work & Sub-personalities; Business: Your HOW

MODULE EIGHT: Essential Steps Revisited; Business: Your RESULTS

MODULE NINE: Advanced Clutter Clearing with modern and indigenous ways; Business: SEO

MODULE TEN: Fight, Flight, Freeze Trauma Responses of the 9; Business: Your STORY

MODULE ELEVEN: 3 Additional Trauma Responses of the 9; Business: Your STYLE 

MODULE TWELVE: 3 More Trauma Responses of the 9; Business: Your DESIRE 

MODULE THIRTEEN: Your Tribe; Facilitating groups on Zoom; Business: Your INTENT

MODULE FOURTEEN: Your Compass; Complementary Protocols; Business: Your TRIBE 

MODULE FIFTEEN: Working with the Shadow; Business: What you help your people DO

MODULE SIXTEEN: Holding Space; Business: How you help your people FEEL, DO, & BE

MODULE SEVENTEEN: Assessment for Certification; Business: Your QUALIFICATIONS & CTA

MODULE EIGHTEEN: Ceremony of Completion: SMGI Guide - SMGIg certificate; Business: REPORT the good news of your certification to the waiting world!


Trauma Informed

Learn simple, easy-to-use and very effective nervous system settling, strengthening and stabilizing techniques, as well as how to resolve the cause of the destabilizing influences coming from within.


This mentor-training is available once a year, so if your soul is nudging you, say yes to your chance to learn my secrets from the comfort of your own home!

Learn the 9 trauma responses

Beyond fight, flight and freeze, there are six additional trauma response programs that are important to understand to effectively heal. We'll review what they are and how to work with them.

"Gina Vance is one of the top mind/body practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area and known for her incredibly transformative, effective work with deep healing, trauma and self-discovery. Join her for a unique, richly rewarding voyage into your inner-self!"

Kayse Gehret
Founder, Soulstice Mind+Body Spa

"Gina's Mind Body Skills seminar is one of the most profound and beneficial experiences that I've had as a professional and as an individual. The techniques that she teaches are simple, highly effective, and applicable for personal and professional use. Working with Gina has allowed me to add a whole new skill set to my professional repertoire while increasing my ability to address and resolve personal challenges. She is a true master."

Lisa Galeazzi Elam
Marriage and Family Therapist

"Gina’s work has brought new depths to my professional and personal life. Through this work I have been able to connect with an inner awareness and spirituality that previously was inaccessible. Insight and direction in all aspects of my life continue long after the classes."

Juanita Vierra
R.N., Aston-Patterner, Craniosacral Therapist

"Great tools to use with self and others. Gina has a great style and is very skilled in her craft."

R. Peck
Marriage and Family Therapist


Starts in March 2023, ends in September 2023




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This is the best time ever to join my course.

Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery™

Harnessing the power of the subconscious and superconscious, with mind-body tools to relieve stress, pain and anxiety; change unwanted habits, and feel peaceful, confident and empowered.

Somatic engagement that gets you resourced enough to manage your discomfort while growing your strength and stability to be able to not only shift into comfort, but resolve the source origin of the somatic signals, or body-centered sensations. Ground, strengthen and stabilize.

Mindful practices that don’t by-pass what is, but meet you where you are with what’s happening in the moment, in a way that you can gently, respectfully shift your experience into stable strength and competence, until you can resolve the root cause origin of uncomfortable and destabilizing activations in your mind-body. Gently release blockages and toxicities.

Guided practices that connect you to your resources of strength, support and love, empowering courage to journey inwards to clear inner clutter sabotaging your goals, and integrate fragmented aspects of the psyche that have needed to split off, or be hidden away, in order to keep you (and those aspects) safe in threatening circumstances. Connect, radiate and harmonize.

Imagery protocols that activate the power of the individual imagination to elicit one's own internal, organic lexicon of images, symbols, sensations, awareness, and felt sense, that are most powerful and effective, in safe and appropriate ways for the individual journeyer. Calm trauma activations on the way to healing them.


SMGI™ is a root-cause resolving method of mind-body exploration, discovery and healing that is eclectic, holistic, humanistic and non-dogmatic, incorporating skills from many related disciplines including hypnosis, NLP, Jungian psychology, psychosynthesis, self-actualization and ego-state psychology, collaborative coaching, meditation, neurobiochemistry, neurophysiology, shamanism and inner child and parts work.

It’s a uniquely transformative blend of trauma-informed mind-body methods to relieve stress, pain and anxiety, change unwanted habits, and empower freedom, ease, confidence and joy.


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