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Is your healing business in need of healing? Is it limping along?  I'm Gina Vance and I've been in the healing business for about 20 years now, before that I was an entrepreneur in a different kind of business, a couple of different kinds of businesses actually.  And over the years, people have exclaimed: "Dang, you're a good business woman".  I have to agree. I don't know if it's because I was born with that or I was raised in a business family - they're all in business for themselves -or maybe a combination.  But the business part of healing has always been something important to me, to support me and my family, and my life, but it's also something that comes naturally to me.


And I can tell you that I'm good at helping people in business be successful. It's a knack I have, again, I don't know if I was born with it or what, but I do know that I have seen the evidence of people's businesses increasing; flourishing, and becoming more robust, in their work with me. Even if it wasn't a healing business.


So I know that I have a knack for helping people be successful. And with my upcoming online course, a third of it is devoted to helping you successfully do your good works in the world. And when I say successfully, I mean, in ways that are easy and comfortable and joyous for you and the same for your clients that you serve, and that they get so much benefit that they come back for more.


Because the more you do, the more you get.  And, they tell their friends and their friends fill up your schedule, and their partners, their friends, their colleagues ask them, "what have you been doing? Because you are different - and where could I get some of that?"


So besides being an incredibly. Fruitful productive, transformative, empowering healing technique.  SMGI® -  Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® also helps you get up and running if you're just getting started, or to increase your business in profitable and sustainable ways. And I don't just mean numbers doing lots of numbers of people all day, because that is a recipe for burnout.


When I was seven years old laying on the stairs in the sun, I had a daydream, we could call it.  And in that daydream / vision, whatever you want to call it, I saw something that I later understood was exponential.  And that exponentiality that I saw was: me affecting others who were affecting others, who where affecting others - in beneficial ways.  Beneficial for humans, for humanity, for the world. That's what I'm about.


Yes, my practice is flourishing. It's full, it's overflowing. I'm not complaining. And yet I'm here to put this work into the hands of as many people as are interested so that then, they can carry it forward and put it into the hands of others. It's not for everybody. Not everybody wants to do this kind of work. Of course that's fine - do your path. I support you on your path. 


But for those who do want to do healing work and the kind of healing work that doesn't take a lot out of you, the practitioner, creates phenomenal results for your clients, so much so, that they are tickled to come see you. They're happy. They're delighted. They send you texts, thanking you, so grateful, and they send their friends and their family and their colleagues and on and on and on.


This is what I want for you. This is what I want for humanity. And so I want you to know that in the upcoming training course, fully a third of it is devoted to you being profitable in your business, in your business of healing, a business that supports you. So you don't have to limp along on the verge of having to get a "job" vs. do what you're called to do.


I'm passionate about you being successful. Whatever success looks like for you. For most of  us, that includes money, and plenty of it. Money is a good thing. With money you can do good things.  I have nothing against money.  I want you to have plenty of money so that you can work as much as you want. You can travel as much as you want, or stay home and knit as much as you want, hike as much as you want; for you to be able to create your own life and your own lifestyle. And for you to be expressing your gifts in your life - n financially and energetically profitable and sustainable ways. That's my wish for you, for me, for all of us.


The next SMGI® training course starts in March. Learn more about how you can enroll now!


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The next SMGI® training course starts in March. Learn more about how you can enroll now!

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