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Inside a Two Hour Session of SMGI® All of My Beliefs of What it Took to Heal Changed.


Hi, I'm Michelle, an SMGI® practitioner, and I've come to rely heavily on the profound healing effects of SMGI® on a weekly basis. I have done, maybe 20 journeys at this point, at least. And inside of every session, there's something new. There are so many rich possibilities of what is available to be explored inside of the SMGI® Sessions.

There's not only the ability to work with another practitioner, but also so many aspects to this that can be self facilitated. I've had the experience of being in difficult moments in real time and dropping into using the Four Essential Steps in order to bring myself instantly out of the fight, flight, freeze, fawn response that was so typical in my body, and that would happen many, many times a day.

I no longer have that experience as I move through the world because of the tools of SMGI®.

I have done EMDR, EFT, Trauma Healing, and years and years of therapy. I'd tried so many modalities in order to release trauma that was locked in my body. Inside of a two hour session, all of my beliefs of what it took to heal changed.

And from that, it changed the trajectory of my life and my career. I did the six month SMGI® certification training, and this has brought change for so many of my clients.

I highly recommend SMGI® facilitator training to anyone who is already in the field of helping others, whether they be therapists, health practitioners, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, body practitioners, or energy healers.

There are so many ways in which this can compliment so many different facets and practices and professions that people already have. Or it can be a beautiful experience of fully moving out of whatever it is that you are currently doing in the world and moving into this full-time. There is so much work to be done and so much opportunity to have a thriving practice inside of SMGI® with a booked schedule.

There are many of us practitioners who have already had that experience in a very short time because there are so few SMGI® practitioners out there currently. And there's such a deep need for this work. And how quickly the word is spreading about how easy and gentle the work is and how quickly it can bring about change that more SMGI® practitioners are definitely needed.

So consider this as an option for you.

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