Things nobody told you about how to get what you want.


Give yourself eight days to change your life.


If you feel like you've been trying to make changes for years without getting the results you wanted, then this is the place for you. 


These simple and effective methods make it doable to create the changes you want to make.


Like learning super secret mind-body Ninja skills, these 8 days will blow your mind with the elegant simplicity of wielding the (inner) power at your disposal.


Secrets I want the world to know!






I'm Gina Vance, Inner Journey Guide, and Mind-Body Mentor, and the last two decades of work with private clients have shown me the power of the tools and processes, I've now made available in this self-study program.

My personal journey, and the incredible stories my clients have shared with me, have proven that the methods in this course, which I use myself, teach my clients and now share with you, work like nothing else I've encountered.

I'm passionate about making it common knowledge, that It's All Healable, and I'm passionate about making it as easy and effective as possible to end suffering, and embolden soul expression.  In this course is how to do just that.   Enjoy! 





8 Lessons with 17 Installments


  • Easy ways to notice somatic signals in your body and change your experience - on the fly, in the middle of life and social interactions, and in meditative practice.
  • Uncomplicated ways to immediately calm, strengthen and stabilize your nervous system.
  • Simple ways to access your intuition and inner guidance systems.
  • How to move out of the “fight, flight or freeze” state into the “rest, digest, restore” state - in 15 seconds or less.
  • Invisible mental martial arts to diffuse high tension and aggression.
  • How to connect to inner states that calm, strengthen and nourish, while activating the healing response.
  • Audio, video and written material to support easiest learning.
  • Clear outlines to practice with.
  • Old standbys in “stress management” tweaked and simplified to work better.
  • Unique practices never published anywhere before.
  • How to be sovereign and self-authorizing as easy as child’s play.
  • Simple, effective ways to “let it go”, if it’s not yours, or no longer helpful to you.
  • How to give yourself a break - in rejuvenating ways.
  • Where to find refuge within yourself.
  • How to create comfort in yourself.
  • How to access your most complete inner wisdom, creativity and inspiration.
  • How to re-member the parts of you that split off and got lost or hidden in times of trouble.
  • How to retrieve and reintegrate fragments of your spirit, your soul, your true nature.
  • Ways to come home to yourself and heal trauma.
  • A journey to fall deeper in love with yourself and your life, so you can move forward blessing this world with the gifts you carry and the gift that you are.



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Tales From 8 Days That Changes Everything



This course shows you how.

Connect to Inner Resources

There are forces inside you that have gifts, talents, abilities and strengths that you need, to be who you truly are, and create what you want to create.

These resources are easy to access using the steps in this course, and they carry attributes that you will cherish.

These parts of you want or need your attention to be free, free to be the wind beneath your wings, the joy in your heart, and the courage in your core.

This course shows you how.




Clear Unconscious Obstacles

We all carry perceptions, beliefs, and identities within us that were innocent misunderstandings, that made terrific sense at the time they were developed, but now sabotage our efforts.

We also pick up emotional and spiritual toxins that gunk us up, and need to be cleared away for our vitality to flow.

It isn't difficult to relieve yourself of what's no longer good for you, or helpful to you, and gets in the way of you feeling how you want to feel, and creating what you want to create.

This course shows you how.

Unify Your Strengths

When you reconnect to lost, fragmented or hidden parts of yourself, then reintegrate them, becoming more whole, able and empowered, the challenges life brings you are so much less daunting.

More fully embodying who and what you truly are, with access to the treasure inside you, blesses you, blesses your life, and blesses those in your sphere of influence.

This course shows you how. 







"If you're at all considering doing this type of inner-work do yourself the favor because the value she delivers is life changing. "

Christopher Munshaw, MBA
Corporate Leader & Customer Experience Director

"Gina teaches incredible skills to connect your mind and body. I increased my self awareness and was able to implement her techniques in work and life situations. She makes meditation easy and effective."

Carol Hoang, MBA, PharmD
Vice President Medical Affairs at DigiSight Technologies

"I like the way you showcase information in an informal, almost whimsical, fashion that is refreshing and allows for being present to what you are sharing. Bravo!"

Jean-Pierre Weingarten
Author, Poetry In My Throat - Selected Poems




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