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Learn how to use SOMATIC MINDFUL GUIDED IMAGERY to take your inner work and client work beyond limits to greater freedom easily with the elegant simplicity of SMGI




This workshop will be in a lovely private home near San Francisco and is limited to 13 participants. Register now to reserve your seat!

Saturday March 31, 2018 9am-5pm in Beautiful Sausalito, CA

In this daylong, in-person immersive training in the art of Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery, you'll learn about, experience, and practice some of the simplest, most powerful and effective ways to get profound results quickly, easily and permanently - in safe and gentle ways - for yourself, and those you serve.

Gina Vance

As a Mind-Body Mentor and Inner Journey Guide for over 18 years, as well as being an intrepid soul on my own healing journey, I've developed a simple, repeatable system for guiding yourself and others, that has surprised me, my clients, and my colleagues with the sometimes miraculous results this system facilitates.

You'll discover how to easily:

  1. Connect to inner resources of strength that support meaning, purpose, motivation, and a sense of safety.
  2. Clear away inner obstacles including subconscious limiting beliefs, false identities, disharmonious energies and trapped emotions.
  3. Retrieve and reintegrate dissociated, split off or fragmented inner aspects, that are needed to resolve inner conflicts and resistances while unifying strengths.

Gentle. Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Some of the mind-body methods you've been taught may be working against your goals.


These mind-body skills work as well for professionals as for lay persons. Interns won't want to miss the opportunity to learn an intervention that can be used with any population. Experts will benefit from an evidence-based way to empower their work.

This course is beneficial to adults working with others in a professional capacity. Including: Educators, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Counselors, Mental Health and Pastoral Counselors, Physicians and Physician Assistants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, and Complementary, Integrative and Alternative Health Practitioners, as well as Bodyworkers, Group Facilitators and Coaches.


The origins of SMGI, what it is, how it works and the kinds of results it facilitates in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Lots of direct experience with the protocols, and opportunities to practice guiding/facilitating others with the SMGI steps.

How to quickly and easily strengthen and stabilize the mind-body systems and work with "triggers" or activations of discomfort to follow the trouble to where it's coming from and what needs to happen to change or resolve it.

How to work with the conscious and subconscious minds to heal trauma gently, easily, quickly and permanently.


Clarity and understanding grounded in experience of the power of the subconscious mind to effect change, or interfere with it.

Guiding outlines or "cheat sheets" to follow while facilitating - yourself and your clients.

Online program access to continue being supported in using the tools and processes revealed, that includes the protocols and brief, succinct explanations of how they work and when to use them; along with downloadable pdfs, videos and guided audio exercises, to increase your familiarity, practice experiencing the processes, and increase your confidence in using SMGI.


After a career in engineering, excruciating pain put me on a path of research and training that introduced me to the mind-body methods that helped me to heal.

I've trained with Medical Doctors, with Shamans, and many healers; some grounded in scientific research, others wildly instinctual.   

A graduate of the Academy for Guided Imagery and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Guidance Life Coach, Mind-Body Skills Advanced Professional, and creator of SMGI - Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery - a root cause resolving method of mind-body exploration, discovery and healing.  FAQs

"Great tools to use with self and others. Gina has a great style and is very skilled in her craft."

R. Peck
Marriage and Family Therapist

"Gina’s work has brought new depths to my professional and personal life. Through this work I have been able to connect with an inner awareness and spirituality that previously was inaccessible. Insight and direction in all aspects of my life continue long after the classes."

Juanita Vierra

"Gina's Mind Body Skills seminar is one of the most profound and beneficial experiences that I've had as a professional and as an individual. The techniques that she teaches are simple, highly effective, and applicable for personal and professional use. Working with Gina has allowed me to add a whole new skill set to my professional repertoire while increasing my ability to address and resolve personal challenges. She is a true master."

Lisa Galeazzi Elam
Marriage and Family Therapist


This event is going to sell out quickly so don't miss your chance to learn my secrets live and in-person!

The Price You'll Pay

Save yourself some grief and experience how to have more fun while doing more good!

No elaborate claims with endless "bonuses" here.  Just a rock-solid bargain of easy to digest, concentrated and clarified material that will start working for you as soon as you say "Yes"!

Your cost for this daylong immersion is $257 for the day, which includes a chef-prepared organic lunch and unlimited access to the online version of this course: 8 Days That Changes Everything. The online course is $188 by itself.  Your payment of $257 gets you the online course immediately, so you can start boning up before you arrive, if you are hungry to jump in. No need to review it before we meet though, because I'll guide you through it all in-person, and you will have it for helpful review after our day together.

Though it's a fun and easy read, I encourage eventually reading it through 4 times, to make the contents second nature. And the guided audio and videos are like having a virtual session at no extra charge.  A gift that will truly keep giving!

Secure Your Spot!

If something inside you is nudging (or urging) you to join us, do it! We will be a small, intimate group for maximum personal attention and depth of experience.

Beyond Limits

Learn some of the simplest, most powerful and effective ways to use Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery in your personal and professional work.


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