Online Course with Weekly Live Sessions!


Learn how to use SOMATIC MINDFUL GUIDED IMAGERY® to take your inner work and client work beyond limits to greater freedom easily with the elegant simplicity of SMGI®



Three Programs in One!

Experience the power of the work, learn how to move others through the protocols, and build a professional platform from which you can serve 100% virtually or in-person - your choice!.


Personal growth, development and healing through our live sessions.

Our weekly live coaching and inner journey calls on Zoom will give you experience that will change your life for the better even if you don’t move through the online library of course materials. The course includes six trades guiding and six receiving guidance in journeys, and opportunity to submit questions and share successes in a supportive group setting, that allows for a deep level of connection, sharing and support. Expect deep connection to self in safe community.


Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® (SMGI®) training program.

The on-your-own training in SMGI® will take about 3 hours each week, where you’ll have a video training along with written protocols to facilitate your classmates and your client-volunteers with. You'll be taught the methods and be able to start facilitating classmates and volunteers right away, as we move through basic to very advanced techniques drawn from meditation, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, breath work, writing, drawing, coaching and Indigenous healing modalities.


Build, develop and market yourself and your business.

The business building exercises are simple creative projects that will build your online and in-person presenting confidence and profitability. Whether you already have a website, or are starting from scratch creating a site, you’ll learn ways to make it easier for those looking for what you offer, to find you, then understand what you do, why it’s amazing, and if it’s a good fit for them - so you can get the greatest returns on your invested time, energy and expertise.


This training is online via Zoom. Live weekly sessions recorded for later viewing/reviewing.

Gentle. Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Some of the mind-body methods you've been taught may be working against your goals.


These mind-body skills work as well for professionals as for lay persons. Interns won't want to miss the opportunity to learn an intervention that can be used with any population. Experts will benefit from an evidence-based way to empower their work. Education savvy trauma survivors will get practical applications of popular protocols and theories.

This course is beneficial to adults working with others in a professional capacity, including: Educators, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Counselors, Mental Health and Pastoral Counselors, Addiction Counselors, Physicians and Physician Assistants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, and Complementary, Integrative and Alternative Health Practitioners, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists as well as Bodyworkers, Intuitives, Group Facilitators, Hypnotherapists, Coaches, Clinicians and Agents of Change here to transform the world for the better, and help others do the same.

Not any of those? If you have a heart for service and want to learn self-healing methods you can support others with, welcome!

Experiential Exercises for Maximum Benefit

This course will give you helpful interactions with classmates, during our live classes and in-between our weekly meetings, along with the online training materials and video tutorials, over 6 months, in a group with a rich variety of helping professionals.


The origins of SMGI®, what it is, how it works and the kinds of results it facilitates in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Direct experience with the protocols, outlines, guidelines and how-tos; along with business building support.

How to quickly and easily strengthen and stabilize the mind-body systems and work with "triggers" or activations of discomfort to follow the trouble to where it's coming from and what needs to happen to change or resolve it.

How to work with the conscious and subconscious minds to heal trauma gently, easily, quickly and permanently.

What we’ll do in this course:

ONE: Deep personal work, step by step. TWO: Deliver your work to others, step by step. THREE: Build your business, delivery structure, and clientele or customer base, step by step.


Clarity and understanding grounded in experience of the power of the subconscious mind to effect change, or interfere with it.

Guiding outlines or "cheat sheets" to follow while facilitating - yourself and your clients/patients/students.

Online library access to continue being supported in using the tools and processes, that includes the protocols and brief, succinct  as well as in-depth explanations of how they work and when to use them.

Also includes downloadable pdfs, videos and guided audio exercises, to increase your familiarity with the processes, and increase your confidence in using SMGI®.

Each weekly module includes a live session, an overview video, how-to steps outlined, and steps to implement to create and build your successful professional practice as a Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® guide.

At completion you'll receive your SMGIg / Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery guide certificate.


Move yourself and those you serve beyond current limits with trauma-informed, evidence-based mind-body tools, rooted in ancient practices, that empower radical transformation in gentle ways.


After a career in engineering, excruciating pain put me on a path of research and training that introduced me to the mind-body methods that helped me to heal the post-traumatic stress at the root of my physical pain.

I've trained with Medical Doctors, with Shamans, and many healers; some grounded in scientific research, others wildly instinctual.   

A graduate of the Academy for Guided Imagery and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Guidance Life Coach, Mind-Body Skills Advanced Professional, and creator of SMGI® - Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® - a root cause resolving method of mind-body exploration, discovery and healing. 

Self-employed for more than 30 years, with 9 of those as founder and director of a world-class integrative wellness center, with a rich variety of integrative, holistic and functional medicine practitioners, I brought my broad holistic and integrative therapies knowledge and experience to my community, while supporting top-quality wellness professionals in growing profitable businesses under my mentorship.


Beyond Limits

Learn some of the simplest, most powerful and effective evidence-based, ancient wisdom mind-body tools to use in your personal and professional work.

Three Programs in One!

Heal, Train, Share

ONE) Personal growth, development and healing through our live sessions, and your practice shares.

TWO) Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® (SMGI®) training program.

THREE) Business building and development program.

Trauma Informed

Learn simple, easy-to-use and very effective nervous system settling, strengthening and stabilizing techniques, as well as how to resolve the cause of the destabilizing influences coming from within.

Topics & Practices in this Course


MODULE ZERO: Preparing to Begin the Work; Business: Agreements & Questionnaires

MODULE ONE: Overarching Intention and Undergirding Exercises

MODULE TWO: Laying the Foundation in Your First Client Session; Business: New Website

MODULE THREE: Getting Resourced From Within; Business: Marketing

MODULE FOUR: Integrating Fragments & Retrieving Soul Parts; Business: Your WHY

MODULE FIVE: Seeding Your Subconscious & Manifesting; Business: Your WHO

MODULE SIX: Working with Inner Allies; Business: Your WHAT

MODULE SEVEN: Parts Work & Sub-personalities; Business: Your HOW

MODULE EIGHT: Essential Steps Revisited; Business: Your RESULTS

MODULE NINE: Advanced Clutter Clearing with modern and indigenous ways; Business: SEO

MODULE TEN: Fight, Flight, Freeze Trauma Responses of the 9; Business: Your STORY

MODULE ELEVEN: 3 Additional Trauma Responses of the 9; Business: Your STYLE 

MODULE TWELVE: 3 More Trauma Responses of the 9; Business: Your DESIRE 

MODULE THIRTEEN: Your Tribe; Facilitating groups on Zoom; Business: Your INTENT

MODULE FOURTEEN: Your Compass; Complementary Protocols; Business: Your TRIBE 

MODULE FIFTEEN: Working with the Shadow; Business: What you help your people DO

MODULE SIXTEEN: Holding Space; Business: How you help your people FEEL, DO, & BE

MODULE SEVENTEEN: Assessment for Certification; Business: Your QUALIFICATIONS & CTA

MODULE EIGHTEEN: Ceremony of Completion: SMGI Guide - SMGIg certificate; Business: REPORT the good news of your certification to the waiting world!



Gina Vance

As a Mind-Body Mentor and Inner Journey Guide for over 20 years, as well as being an intrepid soul on my own healing journey, I've developed a simple, repeatable system for guiding yourself and others, that has surprised me, my clients, and my colleagues with the sometimes miraculous results this system facilitates.

You'll discover how to easily:

  • Connect to inner resources of strength that support meaning, purpose, motivation, and a sense of safety.
  • Clear away inner obstacles including subconscious limiting beliefs, false identities, disharmonious energies and trapped emotions, unresolved traumas, trauma response programs, energetic blockages, incomplete rites of passage, non-beneficial energies, and subconscious agreements, contracts, & vows.
  • Retrieve and reintegrate dissociated, split-off or fragmented inner aspects, that are needed to resolve inner conflicts and resistances while unifying strengths.

Learn more about Gina on this page..



This mentor-training is available once a year, so if your soul is nudging you, say yes to your chance to learn my secrets from the comfort of your own home!

"Gina Vance is one of the top mind/body practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area and known for her incredibly transformative, effective work with deep healing, trauma and self-discovery. Join her for a unique, richly rewarding voyage into your inner-self!"

Kayse Gehret
Founder, Soulstice Mind+Body Spa

"Gina's Mind Body Skills seminar is one of the most profound and beneficial experiences that I've had as a professional and as an individual. The techniques that she teaches are simple, highly effective, and applicable for personal and professional use. Working with Gina has allowed me to add a whole new skill set to my professional repertoire while increasing my ability to address and resolve personal challenges. She is a true master."

Lisa Galeazzi Elam
Marriage and Family Therapist

"Gina’s work has brought new depths to my professional and personal life. Through this work I have been able to connect with an inner awareness and spirituality that previously was inaccessible. Insight and direction in all aspects of my life continue long after the classes."

Juanita Vierra
R.N., Aston-Patterner, Craniosacral Therapist

"Great tools to use with self and others. Gina has a great style and is very skilled in her craft."

R. Peck
Marriage and Family Therapist

Learn the 9 trauma responses

Beyond fight, flight and freeze, there are six additional trauma response programs that are important to understand to effectively heal. We'll review what they are and how to work with them.

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No elaborate claims with endless "bonuses" here.  Just a rock-solid bargain of easy-to-digest, concentrated and clarified material that will start working for you as soon as you say "Yes"!

What's Included


  • This program gets you firmly established in significant and noticeable change for the better, while providing you with tools and support materials to use personally and professionally, along with business building supports to launch your work in the world.  All customized to your unique gifts, talents, abilities and desires. Includes 6 trades with classmates guiding a journey session, and 6 trades being guided, along with weekly live group sessions.
  • We'll meet on Zoom Fridays at 4:30pm Pacific Time US. All other work can be done on your own whenever desired. 
  • Recordings of all class sessions are yours to download and keep.
  • Lifetime access to self-study online materials.
  • Written explanations of how and when to use the mind-body tools with yourself & others.
  • Downloadable outlines to remind you of the steps to walk yourself through, and that other helping professionals in your life can use to verbally guide you through the steps with.
  • Videos guiding you through the steps of the self-regulating and healing processes.
  • Downloadable guided meditations to further strengthen and stabilize your mind-body and nervous systems, and help others do the same.
  • Business building practices and protocols to support your profitable, sustainable Life Work.
  • Downloadable E-Book & Guided imagery downloads of restorative imagery.
  • Email and text access to Gina for brief check ins.
  • Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® guide/SMGI® guide certificate at completion.



Secure Your Spot!

If something inside you is nudging (or urging) you to join us, do it!

Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery®

Harnessing the power of the subconscious and superconscious, with mind-body tools to relieve stress, pain and anxiety; change unwanted habits, and feel peaceful, confident and empowered.

Somatic engagement that gets you resourced enough to manage your discomfort while growing your strength and stability to be able to not only shift into comfort, but resolve the source origin of the somatic signals, or body-centered sensations. Ground, strengthen and stabilize.

Mindful practices that don’t by-pass what is, but meet you where you are with what’s happening in the moment, in a way that you can gently, respectfully shift your experience into stable strength and competence, until you can resolve the root cause origin of uncomfortable and destabilizing activations in your mind-body. Gently release blockages and toxicities.

Guided practices that connect you to your resources of strength, support and love, empowering courage to journey inwards to clear inner clutter sabotaging your goals, and integrate fragmented aspects of the psyche that have needed to split off, or be hidden away, in order to keep you (and those aspects) safe in threatening circumstances. Connect, radiate and harmonize.

Imagery protocols that activate the power of the individual imagination to elicit one's own internal, organic lexicon of images, symbols, sensations, awareness, and felt sense, that are most powerful and effective, in safe and appropriate ways for the individual journeyer. Calm trauma activations on the way to healing them.


SMGI® is a root-cause resolving method of mind-body exploration, discovery and healing that is eclectic, holistic, humanistic and non-dogmatic, incorporating skills from many related disciplines including hypnosis, NLP, Jungian psychology, psychosynthesis, self-actualization and ego-state psychology, collaborative coaching, meditation, neurobiochemistry, neurophysiology, shamanism and inner child and parts work.

It’s a uniquely transformative blend of trauma-informed mind-body methods to relieve stress, pain and anxiety, change unwanted habits, and empower freedom, ease, confidence and joy.


Tried & True

This training is a culmination of my 25 years of training and clinical practice as a mind-body coach. You can check out my private practice, and see more testimonials by clicking the image below.

You Decide

You can enroll in this richly rewarding journey (and save $500 off the regular price with the special discount coupon) with absolutely zero risk.

Working with individual clients and groups of students in this work over the last two decades has taught me: to get the most out of a personally and professionally life-changing training like this, you need:

investmentimmersion and interaction.  

To support your commitment to your growth, learning and service, I offer a full refund guarantee for this training. If you're not satisfied with your enrollment for any reason, simply email me by the evening of Saturday, March 19th. This is the evening after our first live class on March 18, 2022. 

You can attend your first class and then sleep on it, allowing your own inner guidance system to validate whats best for you. After this, the proprietary material and methods are revealed more deeply, so we do have to seal the group container at that time. If you decide it’s not for you, simply email me, Gina at: [email protected] and I’ll immediately refund your entire tuition investment in full, while thanking you for giving it a try.

Join The Tribe

Have more fun doing work you love, while creating more miracles in your life work!


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I ENROLL? When you enroll, you'll receive an email with your login information to your personal online curriculum library. You'll find some tips on preparing that you can focus on until our first class on Friday, March 18th.


WHAT'S LIFE LIKE IN THE COURSE? This is a LIVE online course. The start of your 27-week journey begins on Friday, March 18th. Our live online classes are held once a week on Fridays from 4:30pm - 6:45pm Pacific time. The recording of the live class will be posted in your curriculum library shortly after. You'll have access to all classes and recordings for life. You can go as slow or fast as you need to. Aim to attend the live Friday sessions and the rest will fall into place for you. 


IS THIS DIFFICULT TO LEARN? Students from different professional and personal backgrounds, with a variety of life-experience, can easily succeed in this course, while having a healing and inspiring time!  Though I personally vett each student, the material is presented to be easily accessed with different learning styles. This course supports deep listening and learning from within. We'll all start in the same place... walking into something totally new and taking our first steps together. 


WILL THERE BE TOO MUCH TO MEMORIZE?  Zero memorization is required, as all steps are laid out for easy scanning while using. Over time, with use, you'll naturally begin to remember the steps.


WILL I STILL SUCCEED IF I'M NEW TO HEALING WORK? All new students in this course will be new to facilitating with THIS style of healing work! And because it's a simple, time-tested, anciently used style, it's natural to humans from all walks of life.  The same way your body knows how to heal a cut or scrape on your skin, your mind/body knows how to heal naturally, when given conducive conditions.


REFUND POLICY?  Yes! The refund policy on this course is a solid one designed to give you the confidence and peace to follow your intuitive guidance. Scroll up to the section titled "You Decide." It's explained more fully there. After the full refund period ends, there will be no refunds of any amount or for any reason. This policy helps us all honor our commitments to each other in integrity.


HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE THIS COURSE? This is a live online 27-week training program. When your training is complete, you have lifetime access to all of the materials in the course! Video replays, PDFs and more will always be there for you to open and reference.


CAN I DOWNLOAD THE VIDEOS AND AUDIOS TO MY OWN DEVICES? As long as you are current with your enrollment fees, when you have access to the internet, you can always access your course materials through your online curriculum library. When you want to listen to or view a session when you don't have access to internet, you can download most of the materials to your own devices.

See How Gina Uses SMGI®

Below, Gina shares some basics on how she uses SMGI®, and some of the results it brings! Each student in this course will be supported in creating a similar outline to share to their community.


10 Take-aways

Some of the outcomes you'll come away from this course with:

  1. A solid protocol to guide others through - as a stand alone modality, or incorporated into other work.
  2. A prestigious certificate upon completion that you can list and refer to.
  3. High-level, evidence-based and evidence-supported, information on working with trauma and volatile emotions effectively.
  4. Group processes as well as one-to-one processes - so you’ll be ready to facilitate either or both.
  5. Listing on the SMGI® website to help you get found.
  6. Marketing support to make it easier for those looking for you and what you offer to find you.
  7. Participation in a group of vetted souls to practice with, develop supportive, inspiring community, and life-long friendships and referral partners.
  8. No memorization required (though it will come) as cheat-sheets, outlines and scripts are provided.
  9. Personal healing, transformation and empowerment through group sessions and the practice exchanges with your fellow students.
  10. Succinct understanding of modern trauma theories, but with practical how-tos to implement.


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